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Landesberufsschule Bregenz 3

Redesign of the corporate website using Wordpress


the begin

Starting point of the project.

When my project partner Manuel Waibel and I kicked off this project, we stumbled upon an old website that was built using Typo3.

The website’s interface was a bit too complicated for the staff at the Landesberufsschule (State Vocational School) to use comfortably. It was clear that we needed to simplify and modernize the site.

Another challenge was that the site had too much text and very few, small images scattered around.

To tackle these issues, we embarked on a complete revamp. Our goal was to make the platform more user-friendly, functional, and visually appealing.

the end

Finished project.

We chose WordPress as our backend system due to its exceptional user-friendliness and intuitive content management capabilities. With staff from the State Vocational School expected to handle updates, it was crucial to provide them with a platform that required minimal technical expertise.

For the frontend, the aim was to modernize and streamline the website. To achieve this, we opted for a one-page design coupled with a clean and minimalist approach. We divided the homepage into distinct sections, each referencing its own dedicated page. Each page was equipped with a header featuring a hero image and a slogan.